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Scholarships are available, primarily based on merit as demonstrated on the audition. Financial need is a secondary consideration. Requests for scholarship received after the application is processed or that do not contain the required scholarship information cannot be considered.

Scholarship recipients ages 16 and older may also be eligible for a Service Award as part of their award package. Service Awards are valued at US$1,000 for approximately 10 hours of service per week. The $1,000 Service Award is paid in advance of your 7 weeks of service and included in your total award amount, if applicable. Service award responsibilities that are not fulfilled for the entirety of the 7 weeks will impact future scholarship consideration at Meadowmount, and you will be billed for the $1000. For Service Award information, click here.

Students that arrive late or depart early are not eligible for scholarships or service awards.

Please investigate your local community (schools, arts or civic organizations, religious groups and private donors) for additional or alternate sources of financial aid.

Scholarships Currently Awarded:

Ivan Galamian Scholarship

This award, honoring the founder of Meadowmount, is given to a significant musician demonstrating potential for an important professional career.

Sally G. Thomas Scholarship

Established in 2014, our 70th year, to honor Ms. Thomas and her more than 65 years at Meadowmount. Awarded annually to an outstanding violinist.

Stephen Kates Scholarship

The Fellowship was created in 2012 with a generous contribution from Mrs. Mary Louise Kates to honor the memory of her husband. Stephen had been a prizewinner in the 1966 Tchaikovsky International Cello Competition, a longtime faculty member at the Peabody Institute of Music and Leonard Rose’s student at Meadowmount in 1961 and 1962.

Virginia Farmer Scholarship

Meadowmount School of Music alumna Dr. Virginia Farmer passed away on June 11, 2013, in Urbana, IL. Her entire collection of violins, violas and bows was bequeathed to Meadowmount to establish a “Virginia Farmer Memorial Scholarship” fund for deserving violin students. She attended Meadowmount from 1950 to 1955 as a violin student of Ivan Galamian and was coached in chamber music by Josef Gingold and Leonard Rose.

Endow or Sponsor a Scholarship

For more information on sponsoring or endowing a scholarship, planned giving, or major gifts, please contact

Counselor Positions


Counselor and Resident Advisor positions are open to those 21 years and older: students, parents/relatives, and others. Counselors reside with and manage dorms for students age <18. Resident Advisors reside with and manage dorms for students age 21+. Counselors/RAs receive free room, board, and compensation in the form of either tuition coverage for a designated student accepted and enrolled during the same session or payment. Relevant experience is necessary and it is desirable to have a current USA drivers license, CPR and /or first aid certificates.

Service Awards

Each position averages 10 hours per week. Upon completion of service, students receive US$1,000 in tuition reimbursement at the end of the session.

Students are to fulfill their full shifts. Missed shifts will result in service awards being revoked.

Concert Program Assistant

Assist with the creation of concert programs: Proofread biographies and format concert repertoire and performer information.

Concert Admissions / Merchandise Sales

Duties include greeting the public at concerts, collecting money from concert and merchandise sales, keeping inventory on items sold, setup and take down of merchandise. A friendly person with good counting skills a plus.

Concert Stage

Assist in all areas of the concert production, including setting up the stage, assisting the office in copying of programs, greeting public, handing out programs, page turning, helping musicians on and off stage, directing traffic for parking, securing backstage area, supplying water backstage, keeping backstage area clean, picking up programs after concert, arranging audience seating, and returning the stage to master class setup after concert. Take lost and found items to the office. Assist at intermission with sales or refreshment table as needed.

Concert Hospitality

Serve refreshments after evening concerts. Set up snacks, drinks, cups, and napkins after concerts and clean up tables, chairs, and floor after serving. Also, assist with the selling of snacks at concerts during intermission (as needed).


Help the Meadowmount garden grow. Watering, weeding, tending to garden needs and picking veggies. Gloves provided but supply your own hat.

Mail Clerk

Distribute mail (letters, packages, etc.) to faculty, staff and students.

Circulation Desk

Duties include checking out devices, lending out music, and maintaining library database.

Office Assistant

Duties include but are not limited to photocopying, filing, data entry, sale of school merchandise and other office work.

Instrument Inventory Specialist 

Duties include overseeing rental instruments and keeping accurate records of items loaned and keeping files in order.

Photographer/Social Media

Photograph events on campus, candid, and individual and group shots of students, faculty, and guest artists. Help gathering and curating of photographs for our website and social media. Assist with social media and blogging posts. All photographs are Meadowmount property.

Night Patrol

Patrolling campus after dark and quiet hours to ensure that lights are on, students indoors, and all’s well.  Reporting any electrical problems to the office. Close and lock doors and turn out lights in practice cabins.  Assist Head Counselor with Night Patrol as needed.

Recording Engineer

Engineer assists with audio and video recordings of all concerts and special events. Attention to detail is required.


Assist the Head Counselor with day and evening recreational activities for students. Duties include organizing two or more team sport games per week, competitions (table tennis, chess,) setup, taking down and cleaning of equipment, assisting with such events as scavenger hunts, movie night, talent show, pizza night, etc., keeping track of recreational equipment, advertising of events and coming up with fun stuff to do.

Snack Bar

Duties include selling snacks to students, keeping inventory, handling money, and advertising specials. No cooking required, all foods are prepackaged. A mix of afternoon and evening hours.