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The Gurrena Fellowship

Created in 2022, in memory of David A. Barnebl, an educated, passionate music lover, by his wife, Linda Gurrena Barnebl, the purpose of The Gurrena Fellowship is to support and encourage exceptionally talented students to become abundantly successful in their professional journey. This generous fellowship of $50,000 enables its recipients to continue to pursue their careers with vigor and passion without the burden of financial constraint.

Guidelines for Selection

This fellowship is awarded to a member of the Meadowmount community who is dedicated to becoming successful within the music industry, particularly in chamber music.

The ideal recipient is an exceptionally talented artist who demonstrates vigor and unrelenting passion in their pursuit of a distinguished career within the field of music. Funds from this fellowship should be reserved to support postgraduate students, whenever possible, who will benefit from financial assistance as they transition from their musical training to independent careers in performance, composition, or as master teachers within the field of music.

The Gurrena Fellowship will be awarded each year to a Meadowmount School of Music student. Materials submitted for acceptance to Meadowmount School of Music and subsequent recommendations from Meadowmount faculty and staff will be used for award consideration. No additional materials are required.

Fellowship Requirements

In exchange for support from The Gurrena Fellowship, recipients must agree to the following requirements:

  • To attend the Meadowmount School of Music’s Summer Residency Program directly following notification of the award.
  • To represent the Meadowmount School of Music as requested while performing at performances during their fellowship year, arranged by Meadowmount’s Artistic Director, or Faculty and Staff.
  • To provide required documentation to Meadowmount in a timely manner to ensure proper distribution of funds on a quarterly basis.

Use of Fellowship Funds

Fellowship funds will be used at the discretion of Meadowmount to assist the recipient in the following manner:

  • Expenses incurred by the recipient associated with attendance at Meadowmount School of Music’s Summer Residency Program.
  • Expenses associated with performances arranged during the Fellowship period by Meadowmount School of Music outside of the Summer Residency, including but not limited to travel expenses, promotional materials, rental fees, and other event related costs.
  • A housing allowance not to exceed $12,000 during the Fellowship period.
  • An artist management allowance during the Fellowship period to enable career development advice and activities including paid performance engagement development, promotion material review and creation, and career network generation.

Gurrena Fellowship Recipients