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2022 Holiday Letter

                                                                                                                                       December 5, 2022

Dear Meadowmount friends,

When Ivan Galamian first opened Meadowmount in the summer of 1944, it was the fulfillment of his dream of an idyllic place in which emerging musical talent could be immersed in a stimulating and encouraging environment, with the finest faculty in the world. Now in its 78th year, the legacy of Meadowmount is truly incomparable: generations of the world’s greatest string players have called Meadowmount their summer home, and it remains as inspiring as ever for young musicians looking to develop their talent and enrich their lives.

I spent four summers at Meadowmount as a student and consider those summers to be beyond any doubt the most formative of my life. And not just from a musical perspective! The friendships I made there have remained some of the closest and most important of my life, and the lessons I learned about community, charity, friendship, discipline, and responsibility have been guiding principles far beyond my musical career.

There are precious few places in the world where young people can devote themselves to a creative passion surrounded by a diverse group of like-minded peers and a world-class faculty. Meadowmount’s beautiful and secluded campus adds a special bit of magic that makes it, in my mind, unique. I can think of no better place for a young musician to spend their summer.

This holiday season, I hope you will join me in supporting this singularly special institution. The continued investment in our collective musical future depends on gifts from people like you! Your tax-deductible gift can provide additional scholarship funds for deserving students, support the continuing modernization of Meadowmount’s iconic campus, and ensure that the level of education for Meadowmount’s students remains second to none.

With your help, we can ensure the future of Meadowmount and the continuation of Ivan Galamian’s dream. The future of Meadowmount is bright! And its value to young generations of musicians has never been greater.

With best wishes for a wonderful holiday season,


James Ehnes

James Ehnes

Meadowmount Alum, 1989-92