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Meadowmount School of Music Meadowmount School of Music Meadowmount School of Music

Campus Life

For over 75 years, Meadowmount has offered a unique environment for the study of music performance. Our students come from all over the world, making music the common language.
Meadowmount accepts 180 students, ages 13 to 30, to live on campus. Students are housed according to age and gender in cabins, houses and dormitories on our 275 acre campus. Minors (ages 13-17) are chaperoned by live-in counselors at a ratio of 1 counselor to 10 students. Resident Assistants oversee the adult housing.

Students practice in their private rooms and observe a ten-minute break each hour for four hours in the morning and one full hour prior to dinner. For students under age 18, practice monitors are available to help increase productivity and to help with time management. A high degree of social maturity and professionalism is expected of each student. A strong willingness to work together, respect for the feelings of others and the motivation to practice 5 hours per day are necessary to achieve maximum results.

Learn about the student experience from former Meadowmount students on the My Meadowmount Story page.

Concerts, chamber music coaching, chamber music rehearsals, weekly studio classes, guest artist master classes, rehearsals with accompanists and special events are in the scheduled afternoons and evenings. Private lessons are scheduled in the morning and afternoon. Each faculty member holds weekly master classes that are open to all students regardless of instrument studied. Practice Saturday afternoon and Sunday is optional. For more information about program content visit Our Program section.

The campus has a 500 seat concert hall, a 70 seat performance space and chamber music rehearsal cabins. The dining room, snack bar, student common area, music library, mailboxes, office and infirmary are all located in the Main House.

Three homemade meals are provided each day including vegetarian/vegan options. An afternoon snack is available. Bottled spring water dispensers are available in each dorm and in the dining room. Our kitchen staff is notified of food allergies and the food is labeled if these ingredients are present. Please note that due to the large volume of food preparation, the kitchen is unable to prepare special foods for individual dietary needs.

On-campus recreation includes table tennis, badminton, basketball, soccer and a tennis court. The Sally Thomas Recreation Center hosts indoor table tennis, pool table, board games and card game areas. The Common Room in the Main House has books, board games, card games, puzzles, and Wi-Fi.

Off-campus recreational activities are offered afternoons and weekends. They include hiking, shopping excursions, and sightseeing trips. Some activities have a fee.

To foster a safe and healthy environment for the Meadowmount community, students are required to abide by the published rules governing behavior and conduct. A copy of the School Rules is sent to each student upon acceptance and provided upon arrival. Rules are posted in each dormitory, each bedroom and in the common areas. A high degree of social maturity and professionalism is expected of each student. A strong willingness to work together, respect for the feelings of others and the motivation to practice 5 hours per day are necessary to achieve maximum results.

Meadowmount is a drug-free, alcohol-free, and weapon-free campus. The campus is generally smoke-free including all indoor spaces. Smoking is only permitted by the picnic table behind the barn adjacent to Rose Performance Space, and only for those 21 years of age or older, and tobacco only. Students found in violation may be fined and/or dismissed. The proper authorities will be contacted as required by law.

Meadowmount reserves the right to dismiss any student who is in violation of Meadowmount policy, Rules of Conduct, New York State law, Federal law, or Department of Health Regulations. Students can also be dismissed for presenting false information or withholding information in their application materials, recordings and medical documents. There will be no refunds given to dismissed students.

Cell phone reception is limited. Verizon and AT&T are the only cell phone services in the area. A campus phone is available for student use. Minor students have restricted cell phone use.

Cell phone and electronic device use by students under the age of 18 is limited so as not to interfere with studies, practice, sleep and campus life.

Minor students may bring one phone and one other electronic device (reader, tablet or laptop). Do not bring a Smart Watch. Extra or unnecessary devices will be sent home at the family’s expense.

All electronic devices must be registered with the office and turned in upon arrival. Students sign their devices in and out during set times for use ONLY in the Main House, with one exception: tablets may be used (with network disabled) during morning and afternoon practice sessions for recording purposes. Note than a tablet is considered one of two electronic devices which you can bring to Meadowmount, in addition to a cell phone. Activities during practice hours will be monitored closely and anyone found to be misusing devices will lose these privileges.
Electronic devices are not allowed elsewhere on campus. This includes – in the dormitories, concert halls, walking around campus or during master class events. Students found in violation of any of these rules will only be warned once, placed on probation and have no device usage. Students found with devices not registered in the office or having devices in their dormitories will be expelled.

In case of an emergency, when you would need to contact a student, please call the office (518) 962-2400.

Counselors wake the minor students in the morning so it is not necessary to use the phone as a morning alarm. Minors should bring a basic wristwatch or alarm clock, a metronome, a tuner, and recording device for practice hours.

Students can pick up their devices at the office between the hours of 2:00pm to 4:30pm daily and 7:45pm to 9:30pm on non-concert nights and use them only in the Main House. On concert evenings there will be no evening use. Dates and times are subject to change.

During weekends minor aged students can use their devices on Saturday 2:00pm to 9:30pm and Sunday from 10:15am to 5:00pm. Dates and times are subject to change.

Students aged 18 and older may leave the campus at any time. Certain restrictions apply to late evening departures and returns. Quiet Hours are to be strictly observed (10pm to 7:15am). All vehicles must be registered with the office. Students are not allowed to walk on County Route 10 that runs through the campus. Violation is grounds for dismissal.

Students under age 18 are not allowed to leave campus without parental, faculty or counselor supervision. This includes walking on County Route 10.

Students under age 18 may leave campus with an adult visitor authorized by a parent only if there is a Visitor Release Form signed by the parent, naming the adult, date and time of visitation on file in the Admissions Office. Visiting adults must register in the office prior to leaving campus with the student. The proper documentation must be signed before release.