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Meadowmount School of Music Meadowmount School of Music Meadowmount School of Music
Meadowmount School of Music

On and Off-Campus Housing


For students aged 13 to 30

Students are housed according to age and gender. They live and practice in rustic private rooms in dormitories. Students aged 13 to 17 have the services of a counseling staff that oversees daily life and helps with personal concerns. For those 18 and over, we provide more independent accommodations with resident assistants available as needed. Double rooms are awarded by request. Students in shared rooms will be given a $500 credit on tuition. There are no guarantees you will receive a double room as there are only a few. As a Covid-19 precaution, almost no double rooms will be used in 2022.  Each room has a regular-sized twin bed, pillow, hangers, dresser, desk or table and a chair. To see where housing is located, click the Map on the right.


For students age 12 and under, or older students wishing to live off-campus.

Students may also choose to live off-campus. It is necessary to have a car due to the lack of public transportation in the area. Practice is completed at your place of residence and not on campus. Due to each student’s unique schedule, it may not be necessary to be on campus every day. Off-campus students are responsible for their own meals and may not eat in or enter the Meadowmount dining room during meal times. Student housing is off-limits. All common areas are available for use.

Students under 13 are admitted only as an off-campus student living with a parent or guardian in rental housing. The parent supervises their child’s daily practice sessions in their rental. When on campus, minors must be chaperoned by a parent or guardian at all times. Students come to campus for lessons, chamber music coachings (if assigned), rehearsals, concerts, special events and master classes.

For information about renting off-campus accommodations, contact the admissions office: (518) 962-2400 or e-mail


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